Florian Göttke - Biografie

Florian Göttke

Florian Göttke is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. He studied Fine Art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and earned a MFA at the Sandberg Institute in 1997. His recent work deals with the role and functioning of images and the conjunction of mimetic, symbolic, and political representation. Göttke teaches about public art at the Dutch Art Institute.The lecture “Toppled” was presented amongst others in De Balie, Amsterdam (feb 2007), Lloyds Hotel, Amsterdam, with the launch of Open13 (dec 2007), Photography Department AKV/St.Joost, s’Hertogenbosch (nov 2009), University of London at the conference ‘The Personality Cult of Modern Dictators’ (oct 2010), Fotodok, Utrecht, (dec 2010) Zico House, Beirut (april 2011). The book “Toppled” was published in 2010.